Prestressing machines for making concrete slabs

More details of wall panel production machineNow why eps wall panel is more and  more popular? 1 -lightweight :The lighter material of the wall panel used weighs 25% to 40% of the weight of the bricks2 -High thermal insulation3 - Remove a higher sound4 -Install faster 4 Time

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More details of wall panel production machine

Now why eps wall panel is more and  more popular? 

-lightweight :The lighter material of the wall panel used weighs 25% to 40% of the weight of the bricks

-High thermal insulation

- Remove a higher sound

-Install faster 4 Times than the regular blocks

- Wall does not need the expenses of the work of the plaster

Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines

The advantage of wall panel than bricks 
Shandong Oyade  Group
The advantages of EPS sandwich Wall Panel than traditional block
ItemNew type EPS sandwich lightweight Wall PanelTraditional AAC block


sound insulation
Due to the wall as a whole panel make its performance is uniform distribution, the overall sound insulation effect is good

The wall has a lot of joints to reduce noise performance,Block masonry distribution largely affect the sound insulation effect;
Fire ResistanceThe fire resistance limit is 2.5-4 hours,Noncombustion reached the national standard A grade,and can be used in the fireproof building.
The fire resistance limit 1 hours
Anti-seismic Whether the frame or steel structure, due to the big board  overall installation for use as a wall structure form, so it can be adapted to larger interlayer displacement angle and greatly enhance the seismic resistance
Requires masonry and structural reinforcement as a wall material, the seismic resistance is worse than the EPS wall panel
Water-Resistance AbilityThe surface board is the high density calcium silicate board, core material containing water retaining agent, so it has good waterproof effect Non water-proof

Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines

Machinery Parameters
Configuration: Automatic metering system
Capacity20,000sqm~600,000sqm per year
Thickness50-250mm thickness. 
Width610mm , 
Raw materiaThere are mainly two different types
1. Cement+fly ash/eps/ceramsite/sand
2. Foamed cement+additives
Finished board type1. Composite board/sandwich board, with surface board
2. Lightweight solid panel, without furface board
Surface board types1. Calcium silicate board
2. Fiber cement board
3. Mgo board
Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines

Our factory -warehouse-60000 SQM 
OYD group was established in 2008. she has 5 subsidiaries for producing different kinds of products, eps concrete wall panel production line; mgo board /fiber cement board production line; hollow glass aluminum spacer; Laser cutting machine , etc. 

Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines
Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines

Our proejct in Middle East 

We have a project , you can check its pictures . For this project, they only had 4 sets mold cars at beginning, and this year with their market is larger, they order more molds cars from us. 
So dear, this project is very flexible in production capacity and investment. As engineer will configure this whole linNo need to buy others parts.e for you based on a larger production capacity. So when your market is larger, you will only buy more mold cars. 

Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines
Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines

Production schedule

                    EPS Sandwich wall panel production line production schedule

Commencement date of the contract: Contract production cycle: 45 working days



Time node
Confirmation of planning scheme,
Completion of basic drawing and preparatory work.
Standard parts, mold car will arrange workshop.
After the customer confirms the plan, we will complete the design of steel structure drawing within one week. The drawings issued in batches to workshop, we will arrange the production
Production on purchasing necessary parts according to the drawing, assembly and commissioning.
4 Spray paint, packaging 
5Loading to container 
Loading details: 
Loading:  40HQ*4  (including 2* 40 HQ  and 2* 40OT

1.How to curing the wall panel ?
 Normally curing time is 8-12hours , it can adjust according to your local temperature , also need natural curing around 25-28days before use it . 
2.Q: How long is the warranty of your equipment? 
 A: 1year ,but we will provide after-sale service the whole life cycle
3.Q: Do you supply spare parts? 
 A: Excellent easy broken parts support for buyers. Easy broken parts guarantee for one year.
Other parts we will provide price list in advance . 
4.Q: Will you provide trainning and formula? 
 A: The training is free of charge , and our engineer will be on duty to train your worker until they know how to produce qualifyed product .Also we will provide you qualified formula
5.Q: How will you provide installation&commissioning
 A: Will provide 2~8persons(adjustable according to the degree of automatic )for installation.Engineers team will go with your project. , besides we only need 15days for commission .in this way can help you save cost on raw material and time . 

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Prestressed Concrete Slab Making Machines

 I am Sherry from Shandong Oyade Machinery, China.
Our factory has been producing wall panel production line for 15 years, and have successful projects in Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Syria,Saudi Arabia, Russia, Australia, Ecuador, Mexico and so on. 


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