Yjm series prestressed concrete bolt

YJM Series Pre-stressed Concrete Anchor1. Descriptions1). Type: Single-hole, Multi-hole; Circular, Flat. 2). Parts: Anchor Ring/Plate, Wedge, Base Plate etc.3). Have a high anchor efficiency and v

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YJM Series Pre-stressed Concrete Anchor

1. Descriptions
1). Type: Single-hole, Multi-hole; Circular, Flat. 
2). Parts: Anchor Ring/Plate, Wedge, Base Plate etc.
3). Have a high anchor efficiency and very good performance 
4).  We can manufacture all kinds of anchorage and prestressed equipment according to your requirement and drawings. 

2. Applications:  It has been widely adopted by modern construction, especially used in pre-tension or post-tension for concrete constructions as building materials, such as bridge construction, railway and highway construction,  underground structures,buildings and channel construction, ect. 

3. Features:

YJM anchorage system is consists of stressing-end anchorage, fixed-end anchorage, couple and corrugated pipe. It can be divided into YJM10, YJM11, YJM13, YJMM15, YJM18, YJM22 series of round anchors and BJM15, BJM13 series of flat anchors. Please see the follows: 
1). YJM15 applies to 15.2/15.24mm, 15.7mm pc strand. 
2). YJM13 applies to 12.7mm, 12.5mm & 12.9mm pc strand.
3). YJM10 applies to 9.3mm, 9.53mm pc strand. 
4). YJM11 applies to 10.8mm pc strand.  
5). YJM18 applies to 17.8mm pc strand.
6).  YJM22 applies to 21.6/21.8mm pc strand. 

4. Our Advantages:

We are PT Manufacturer from China, our full products range for post tensioning and pre-strssing construction:
1). Materials: pc strand, YJM anchor system(monostrand anchor, multistrands anchor), ducts(metal ducts, HDPE plastic ducts)
2). Equipment: Hydraulic Jack(QYC mono jack, YDC multi-strand tensioning jack), electric oil pump, YH30 embossing machie(onion jack), GYJ500 extrusion machine, ZG130 ducts making machine, grouting pump and mixer for post tensioning).
3). Bridge Equipment: Bridge Crane, Bridge Girder Launching Machine, Bridge Girder Transporting Vehicle, etc.

5. FAQ:
1): Q: Do you supply OEM Service or Customized-made Anchorage System?
A Yes, we do. Actually, we have cooperated with many famous PT Supplier in whole world.Just send us your drawings when need to be customized.
2) Q: Do you provide free samples?
A: Yes, sure, we provide free samles for your testing.
3) Q: How is the delivery lead time:
A: Goods in stock: within 3 days, Goods out of stock(7 days), Goods need to be customized(10-15 days).
4) What is your Minimum Order?
A: MOQ: 100 pieces.
5) Q: Payment Terms?
A TT, LC, Western Union, Paypal, etc.
6) Q: How to transport the goods:
A: by shipping, airflight, express.

6. YJM13-QYM Stress End Anchor System Technical Data:

YJM13-QYM22784612080Φ401103063YDC 650
YJM13-QYM33784612080Φ451203083YDC 650
YJM13-QYM44854613085Φ5013040104YDC 1000
YJM13-QYM55924614097Φ5014050124YDC 1500
YJM13-QYM6/76/710348160120Φ6016050124YDC 1500
YJM13-QYM8811648170120Φ6017050124YDC 2000
YJM13-QYM9912650180150Φ7018050124YDC 2000
YJM13-QYM101013650192160Φ8018050144YDC 2500
YJM13-QYM11/1211/1213650192160Φ8019050145YDC 2500
YJM13-QYM131314650210170Φ8021050145YDC 3000
YJM13-QYM141414655210170Φ8021050145YDC 3000
YJM13-QYM151516655220205Φ9022060145YDC 3500
YJM13-QYM161617655250220Φ9025060145YDC 3500
YJM13-QYM171717660250230Φ9025060165YDC 3500
YJM13-QYM181817660250230Φ9025060165YDC 4000
YJM13-QYM191917660250230Φ9025060165YDC 4000
YJM13-QYM222218665260240Φ20026060166YDC 5000
YJM13-QYM252520670280240Φ20028060186YDC 5500

7. YJM15-QYM Stress End Anchor System Technical Data:

Anchor ModelThe Number of PC StrandAnchor Head/PlateCorrugated Pipe I.D.Anchor BarrelSpiral ReinforcementTension Jack Model
A x B x ΦD ΦDΦE x FΦG x ΦH x LCycles
YJM15-1180x80xΦ12Φ50Φ45x4570x Φ6x304QYC270
YJM15-22135x70xΦ58Φ50Φ78x45100x Φ8x404YDC 1000
YJM15-33135x70xΦ58Φ50Φ88x48100x Φ8x404YDC 1000
YJM15-44136x80xΦ62Φ55Φ98x48130x Φ10x404YDC 1000
YJM15-55146x80xΦ62Φ55Φ103x48140x Φ10x504YDC 1100
YJM15-66162x100xΦ78Φ70Φ117x48160x Φ12x504YDC 1500
YJM15-77162x100xΦ78Φ70Φ117x50160x Φ12x504YDC 1500
YJM15-88176x120xΦ88Φ80Φ127x50170x Φ14x505YDC 2000
YJM15-99183x120xΦ90Φ80Φ137x50180x Φ14x505YDC 2000
YJM15-1010210x120xΦ100Φ90Φ147x50210x Φ14x605YDC 2500
YJM15-1111210x140xΦ100Φ90Φ157x50210x Φ14x605YDC 2500
YJM15-1212210x140xΦ100Φ90Φ157x50210x Φ14x605YDC 2500
YJM15-1313210x140xΦ100Φ90Φ157x55210x Φ14x605YDC 3000
YJM15-1414234x160xΦ100Φ90Φ167x60230x Φ16x605YDC 3000
YJM15-1515234x160xΦ100Φ90Φ167x60230x Φ16x605YDC 3500
YJM15-1616244x180xΦ100Φ90Φ177x60230x Φ16x605YDC 3500
YJM15-1717250x180xΦ100Φ90Φ187x65230x Φ16x605YDC 3500
YJM15-1818265x200xΦ110Φ100Φ187x65250x Φ16x605YDC 4000
YJM15-1919265x200xΦ110Φ100Φ187x65250x Φ16x606YDC 4000
YJM15-20/21/2220/21/22310x240xΦ130Φ120Φ215x70300x Φ18x606YDC 4600
YJM15-2323310x240xΦ140Φ130Φ217x70300x Φ22x606YDC 5000
YJM15-25/26/2725/26/27350x290xΦ140Φ130Φ260x90310x Φ22x607YDC 6500
YJM15-30/3130/31370x290xΦ150Φ140Φ290x105400x Φ22x608YDC 6500
YJM15-34/3734/37465x340xΦ170Φ160Φ320x112450x Φ22x608YDC 8000
YJM15-43/4443/44500x450xΦ170Φ160Φ345x130470x Φ22x608YDC 10000
YJM15-54/5554/55500x510xΦ170Φ160Φ380x160520x Φ24x618YDC 12000
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